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Justification Letter

Subject line: Please send me to InedoCon 2019: The Automation Journey for Enterprises

Dear [Boss / Team],

As we head into spring, I’d like to save the date and attend InedoCon 2019: The Automation Journey for Enterprises, taking place May 22-23, 2019 in Portland, Oregon at the Courtyard Portland City Center. I’ll be able to meet other sysadmins, architects and developers who are tackling similar DevOps challenges at their organizations.

InedoCon is geared towards [insert role] at organizations like ours that are interested in best practices in software delivery, and need expertise and tools to scale automation, adopt microservice architecture and CI/CD, and build a software delivery process end-to-end.

As a user of [ProGet and BuildMaster], tools that are central to our software development and delivery, my attendance at InedoCon will provide valuable training to help us achieve [fill in team goal] this year. I’ll come away with both strategic direction and tactical advice to improve our existing workflows and get legacy systems under control.

A ticket to InedoCon includes:

  • A full day of sessions covering continuous delivery, infrastructure automation, and packaging to help us implement a working CI/CD pipeline at our organization. Sessions include:

    • WebMD's Continuous Delivery Architect Aaron Jensen talking about how they successfully transitioned from a monolith application with no automation to a CI/CD platform with dozens of micro-services using BuildMaster.

    • Robert Vandehey, Alkami's Vice President and Chief Architect, will show how they componentized a monolith into packages for microservices using ProGet as the key link in their deployment chain.

    • Jody Dorchester will present how 100’s of applications were automated with BuildMaster in less than a year, while maintaining compliance in a governmental body with strict compliance standards.

    • BuildMaster's product director John Rasch will demonstrate how you can add CI/CD to a legacy application through build, deployment, and process automation.

  • A day of certification workshops valued at $2,500 led by InedoCon speakers Kevin Griffin, Mark Johnson, and Kendall Miller on how to make the most of ProGet and BuildMaster, with an option to get on-site certification.

    • I’ll learn how to use BuildMaster and ProGet tools to automate builds, create a deployment pipeline, improve vulnerability assessment and testing, and make use of telemetry to enable self-support and centralized alerts/diagnostics.

  • Meals, plus entrance to the event’s networking reception.

Cost for attending:
If I register by March 29, the conference ticket is just $200. With travel and accommodations totaling [fill in cost], the all-in cost would be [total].

Let me know if I’m approved to attend InedoCon. I hope you’ll agree attending is a worthwhile investment for our company.

[Your Name]