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See you in 2020!

InedoCon 2019 was held 5/23 - 5/24 in Portland, Oregon

InedoCon 2019 Videos

Jeffrey Hackert
Principal, Super Group
"Is DevOps Still a Thing?"
Jody Dorchester
Sr. Partner, Ronin Software
"Driving Automation in Government Organizations"
Greg Divis
Software Director, Inedo
"Reliable Application and Component Delivery with Universal Packages"
Mark Johnson
Solutions Architect, Axian, Inc.
"Provision and Manage Servers w/Otter, DSC, Git, and Chocolatey"
Alex Papadimoulis
Founder & CEO, Inedo
"Choosing Correctly in an Adapt-or-Die World"
Kevin Griffin
Owner, Swift Kick
"Taking Down the Monolith One Package at a Time"
John Rasch
Product Director, Inedo
"Adding CI/CD to a Legacy Application"
Jody Dorchester
Sr. Partner, Ronin Software
"Standards and Compliance Enforcement with BuildMaster "
Aaron Jensen
Software Architect, WebMD
"The Enterprise Automation Journey"
Kendall Miller
CEO, Gibraltar Software
"Effective Onboarding for Fun and Profit"
Bob Vandehey 
VP and Chief Architect, Alkami Technology
"Using ProGet and SynchroFeed Driving Componentization and Automation"

Keynotes and Speakers